Today we're starting a new feature: "FYI". This series will bring attention onto certain products we adore and their creators.

To start this series off may we present a limited series print by the artist that is Haris Nukem.

From Haris: "“The World Was Never Promised” is a reflection of expectation vs reality.

As our social responsibilities rise and we become more conscious, we’re forced into structures built less on virtues and more-so on manipulative systems.

Confused and intimidated, we as a society together, tackle this controversy with new and brave solutions that are forming.

“The World Was Never Promised”, aims to reflect a sense of conflict whilst holding on to a hope for the future."


Limited to 50 pieces at 420 × 594 mm

Giclée print on archival Hahnemühle Pearl paper, signed and numbered, delivered with its respective certificate of authenticity.


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Giclée print on archival Hahnemühle Pearl paper, signed and numbered, delivered with its respective certificate of authenticity.
Limited to 50 pieces at 420 × 594 mm
London, UK