Leather Suit // Milo Maria / The 223 Agency
Cuban Chain // Neck On the Line
Jewel Pendant Necklace // Ice Rocks
Earrings // Neck On the Line
Rings // Neck On the Line
"Throughout the years I’ve definitely improved on filtering out these thoughts of self doubt and comparison. There's simply no point in harming ourselves in this way. I find peace when I assure myself that I am on my own path, there is no other like me, and that there is room for everyone to achieve their dreams.

I want to share with you a moment where I was in doubt for quite a period of time, and how I managed to slowly get back to spark that fire & desire in my soul. "
"Throughout this beautifully disastrous year, I found a lot of confidence within myself in many ways but also felt a lot of doubt as I saw a preponderance of other artists getting the recognition that I am yet to have. this then led to me temporarily believing I was not good enough, and that if I was, I would be somewhere substantial right now (signed/campaigns/NYC/LA/thewholeshabang) (notice how one thought led me to this spiral of events). These thoughts then lead to me doubting myself during my own photoshoots, feeling extremely uninspired, quickly hating the work I’ve produced and I even started questioning my skills & artistry.
I felt like I needed to stop creating for other people for a second, take a break, and reflect. In this god awful time of pure sadness (we all know how this gets) I just had to speak with myself, listen to my thoughts, see what state my mental was in, figure out why I’m feeling this way towards my work and stop being so hard on myself. I found myself in my room, reading my journals from when I was 15 onwards and watching clips I have of myself as a teen - and I just started crying."

Coat // Milo Maria / The 223 Agency
Necklace // Vintage Chanel / Hadley London
Anklet // Neck On The Line
Bracelet // Neck On The Line
Shoes // Misspap / J Jackson PR
Gloved Top // Tara Hakin
Skirt // Elissa Poppy / The 223 Agency
Shoes // Misspap / J Jackson PR
Rings // Stylist's own
Bracelet // Ice Rocks
Earrings // ALOE / The 223 Agency
"I call this my personal healing stage. I just let it all out whilst reading these beautiful entries by this passionate and fiery girl (me) who was incredibly determined to work hard and keep going no matter what. I let go of all doubt whilst watching myself at 17 dream for the exact life I am blessed to live today. I was desperate for a chance to even create with people back then. Now I’m doing this everyday without even thinking about it. It was important for me to go back to the beginning. I had to go back to the core ideas. the reason. the why. I had to regain the love and passion I had for my craft. I had to go back to what Hana wanted & what Hana wants to see in this world today & completely forget that others exist for a moment. This overwhelming feeling is what led me to capture these photos I’m so proud of. "
Coat // Collini / The Atentive Agency
Boots // Collini / The Atentive Agency
Earrings // Ice Rocks
Ring // Ice Rocks

"I had to do my own photoshoot that was based around connecting with my muse and my team; making sure we are all as comfortable as can be. I had to make sure that I was putting my needs first on set as well as everyone else's. I forget to do this too much. I had to make sure I took a deep breath & treated this photoshoot like my baby; making sure everything was right.I wanted to capture one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met in a way that inspires me the most. in red, black & gold. In designer. In jewels. We played our favourite music, rocked these pieces & created so freely. I didn’t want to come up with a crazy idea, I simply had none.
I just wanted to be free. I wanted to create in the moment without anyone breathing down my neck. I wanted to be in control of the photoshoot that I worked so hard to produce. I wanted to have this moment to believe that I belong, that I am on the right path, that it’s important to be patient & actually enjoy being an artist. I tend to always strive for that physical goal and I forget that the process & journey is the best part of it all. If you’re reading this, well done for getting to the end & please be kind to yourself and your art. There is no competition. We tend to just make that up for ourselves. God bless.

P.S thank you to COY for always putting my work out there for the world to see. I love and appreciate you.

Made with love,
London, UK