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For all submissions please contact Xanax Online Reviews 2013


Dropbox preferable // 8-30 images // Must be unpublished // Must be from one story or set // All credits included (MUA, Stylist, Model, Wardrobe credits etc) // Title included and any words you would like associated to the piece. (If one is not provided we will create one) // 300 dpi


By submitting to COY you are agreeing that you are the sole copyright owner of all the content you submit with permission from the subject obtained if necessary. All models must be 18 years or older. By submitting your work to COY you are consenting to having the imagery being used on the COY website, social media, and/or any print edition that is produced.

Successful submissions will be emailed confirmation. Submissions will be accepted or rejected for a number of reasons and COY reserves the right to accept or deny any submission. If we do not reply please do not be offended, this is due to the volume of submissions and we will try to reply to everyone. Upon accepting of a submission COY retains initial exclusivity for publishing (using on artist’s own website and social media is of course absolutely fine).

COY aims to showcase what is artistically relevant to today’s generation. We have no preference on any genre and leave our platform open to interpretation from the artist.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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256 pages, 24 artists. A story that spans the heavens. (£50 Hardcover / £5 Digital)

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434 pages, 34 contributors (£60 Print / £4 Digital)