Look at this as a prologue. Next week the first in our COY - ANTHOLOGY series is being released. Created in partnership with Duran, the inaugural entry focuses on his travels, what he has seen and experienced. It's a cultural time capsule. This beautiful set here, WASTED YOUTH, primes that journey perfectly, focusing on the people and fashion of the regions Duran explored. Enjoy and brace yourself, something special is coming.

Stylist // Natali D
Hair // Andy Fei
MUA // Serena Lee
Wardrobe // Ryan Payne, IISE, Suicoke, ACNE Studios, Artem Shumov, Adidas, KKTP, Calvin Klein, ARETE & Manè Korea

To see more of Duran's work go to: www.duranlevinson.com

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"What do we do when there's nothing to do?"
"What do we do when there's no road to follow?"
Shanghai, China