Los Angeles in Mid August, the hottest day of the year

It was the night after, the night after: I’d like to wax poetic, but it’ll suffice to say, it was a long night, or was it a short day? I never can tell these days. I’m still wearing the clothes from last night, alright, let’s not start this relationship with a lie: I’m wearing the clothes, the make up, oh, and the guy from last night. The guy whose pants and pantaloons lay on my floor like my grandfather’s sub-saharan hunting trophy.

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"Winged black Gucci frames block out the practically radioactive LA Sunshine"
My pup is crying to be let out, so I hook the leash onto his collar and shamelessly walk him down the hall to do his business. Winged black Gucci frames block out the practically radioactive LA Sunshine. I’m about to burst into flames as the pup does his business on some middle aged baby boomers rose garden.
I pretend to be too absorbed in my phone to notice. Who has roses in this climate anyways? Salvatore’s morning routine is a Karmic gift for the clearly wasteful amounts of H20 it takes to keep those blooms radiant in 105 degree heat.
Back up into the refuge of my cheap Venice apartment, I stand in front of the fan, while my trophy from last night gets frisky with my ass.
Since we are being honest with each other, I don't remember his name. So, I look down and half heartedly ask “Hey, what’s your name?”
"I pretend to be too absorbed in my phone to notice. Who has roses in this climate anyways?"