ABOVE // Many people online rave about driving the Road to Hana here on Maui. Its a curvy, wild highway with many switchbacks and often only permits one way travel. This was off one of many stops on the highway because its about the journey, not the destination.
BELOW (RIGHT) // Hannah and I met in New York City three summers ago while modeling. We went our separate ways, following our hearts and other endeavors, and by some magically alignment, reunited here in Hawaii. This was at Little Beach during a beautiful sunset.
ABOVE // Lahaina is on the West coast of the island. Its considered the dry side because it gets far less rain. Lahaina was once the first capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii and a popular port for whaling. Now, its a huge tourist spot full of art galleries and beautiful beaches.
BELOW (LEFT) // This beach (which I'll talk about later) is where I finally mustered up the courage to go topless in public, something I never would have felt comfortable doing before. I got my friend to embrace her inner wild woman and learn to find a moment of peace in her body.
ABOVE // Haleakala is a shield volcano on the East of Maui. You have to book sunrise reservations in advance to watch the sun rise at over 10,000 feet above sea level. It was the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be. Every second was entirely different than the last as the sky transformed in front of our eyes.
BELOW // Little Beach in Makena is a secret nude beach tucked on the other side of Makena’s Big Beach. Every Sunday is a big drum circle and gathering of the most unique and fun people of Maui. Pictured is me and a ‘vacation fling’ ;)
BELOW (RIGHT) // Wailua Falls is after Hana Town but before the Seven Sacred Pools on the Road to Hana. Possibly my favorite waterfall, the water is cold and refreshing, perfect for a skinny dip!
ABOVE // A picture I didn’t know was taken until I saw it developed- floating at Venus Pools on the Road to Hana. You have to crawl trough the woods to get to a big pool with giant rocks to jump off of. We decided to cut out a big chunk of the day to take a little trip and feel the l o v e.
BELOW // I spent so many years following the rules and trying to conform. I struggled with disordered eating and anxiety which later pulled me into the realm of healing. I was called to Maui by some force still unknown to me and this place is exactly what I didn’t know I needed; raw, wild, and yet still so nurturing. If you ever have the opportunity to experience this magic, be ready to chase it barefoot and fearless.
Maui, Hawaii