"Behind the delicate darkness of her eyes,
In the serenity of blackness,
The ravens came.
Telling her to move,
Their hollow black wings lamenting over her mothers palace.
Crying, they lead her into the hills.
Deep into the trees, to the place where the sun sets.
As she walked inside, incense was forming waves in the light that was pouring into the main
A coyote sat outside the white paned window.
He told her that this was to become her sanctuary.
The girl, mesmerized, took a look around this dwelling that the black birds brought her to.
Something about the blue walls and satin furniture reminded her of when she was little.
Red geraniums reached out from the white window sills.
Two violet plum trees sat outside.
The wind made the leaves clap, and blew through her hair as she stared out the window.

The sun began to set and the sky changed to the pink of a wild rose.
Rich sunlight bled into the periwinkle room that she sat in.
She unwrapped her silks.
Reviving the memories that she felt passing through her, as though someone had written the
Story of the place that she had traveled from, and was with her, reading the memoirs one by
She poured out her pearls and counted each jewel on the string,
Just like a nun would thumb through her Rosaries.
Her prayers were her conversation with what she had lost.
The emerald couch that she was settled on was drenched in sweetness.
An evanescence of Fracas stained the room,
As though a woman had just applied her perfume.
The girl was hypnotized by this chimera that she felt herself falling into.
She put on her yellow and orange silk kimono and walked into the garden.
Plagued by winter, the flowers had decayed.
But in the middle of the courtyard she found a table had been set for her.
As she sat amongst the white paint and pink sheets,
The sunset stood still."

"Radiating this moment with colors that she couldn't understand.
She sat in calmness.
This moment that wouldn't depart, like the ravens that brought her to this place.
Orange poppies fell out of order,
Deluding the morbid brown that the winter had brought with it.
When the sun finally fell behind the mountains of mica,
Everything became white.
Elk carried her into a castle coated with Ivory.
A pallid silk covered her body.
She stood under the chipping walls.
The boarded windows didn't leave room for much of a view.
All of this uniformity transformed her aching feelings of loneliness,
Into a cloudy mirror.
As she looked into it,
The ravens found her once more.
They summoned her to a road,

Through which she slipped back into the Parisian window sill by the garden.
On the second moon the twilight would once again last.
Wrapped in light blue silk and white lace,
The heat of the unchanging light made her feel nauseous.
Everything was moving so fast while she sat so still.
Tobacco pulled the heaviness from her chest.
She awoke to find herself on the sweet emerald couch.
Scents of jasmine and sandalwood swept through the room.
What a strange dream had taken her soul that afternoon.
She stood to look out of her window, and into the garden.
The Ravens sat in the plum trees.
“The blossoms will be here soon” she thought.
And until then the blackbirds would watch over her.
Their spirits will follow the sandman and lift her into the worlds outside of her body.
Where she will pray to her presage,
And become the queen of this place, that only she can find."

Sante Fe, USA