From Duran:

"Hanna & I travelled from Berlin for a week of fun and chilling in Amsterdam. The first thing we did was visit “Die Tweede Kamer” a hole in wall coffee shop located in the city center, where we picked up some of the finest Amsterdam has to offer: Tangerine Dream.

For the next couple of days we got some much needed relaxation time, and shot as much spontaneous and blurry photos possible. We went with the flow and when it was raining we shot inside, when it was good we strolled around in a daze, with no plan or direction in mind. We were just Tangerine Dreaming…

The result of that week includes this editorial, which was shot with a Leica Minilux on 35mm film."

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"What is it to be alive? Is it the thrill of new experiences, new adventures?"
"Or is it sharing it all with the person you love, where life with them is it's own trip?"
Amsterdam, Netherlands