IVA: You were born in Barcelona, but you describe yourself as being raised everywhere. What do you mean by this?
NADIA: I grew up in Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean. My dad is from the North of Spain and my mom is German, so I grew up close to different cultures and contexts, and traveled often. I came to study to Barcelona 10 years ago and In between I've spend long terms in L.A. I lived in Paris for a while, when I started the shop, focused in buying as much Vintage as I could.
I: Where is your favorite place you have been? What were your days like there? (food, smells, clothes, etc)
N: I've been to many different places that I've loved, but my favorite always ends up being close to the Mediterranean, specially Mallorca, where I'm from, and Costa Brava. Both are very similar in many ways, plenty of food that always carries lots of garlic, onion and olive oil, leaving the best smell. Lots of fruit, fish; simple but yummy. Bread and "aliolil"!! Clothes are comfy and flowy, with mandatory espadrilles and a wicker basket. Lots of linen, silk... and jewelry by Keef Palas!
I: What is “the uniform of Nadia?” Do you have one?
N: For winter I love wearing Vintage pant-suits with some lace up boots. Mostly with wicker baskets unless it’s raining. For summer I have my favorite vintage dresses, usually with flowing wide skirts, preferably it's a button down dress or a wrap dress/skirt. Always local espadrilles, although lately I’m wearing more often some cute '90s strappy sandals. And some big statement earrings when possible!
I: How many languages do you speak?
N: I speak Spanish, Catalán, English, German and I kinda can defend myself in French!
I: How did Los Féliz begin? Where was the name inspired from?
N: I had been collecting vintage for some years and it got to a point that I wanted to do something of my own, with the most special pieces that I had keeping apart. I made the final decision after a holiday in L.A., where I had been also mostly shopping. I knew that the name had to be a reference to that city, and when the name of Los Feliz neighborhood came to mind I knew. Also "Feliz" means happy in Spanish, so it was a match!
I: You were 23 when you started and now you are 28. How have things changed in 5 years? How do you hope for them to change in 5 more?
N: I didn't know anything about the digital world, how to build and carry a website, or an e-commerce, etc. I had to teach myself- it was pretty new for me and overwhelming at first. When I started I knew clearly what I wanted but not as much how to make it, and I had a great collection of beautiful Vintage pieces but that was it, I was a mess in all subjects related to numbers, pricing, being organized... And thankfully that has improved! The photography at Los Féliz has been getting better, creating a "Los Féliz" aesthetic with a very personal and easy to identify style.
There's still so many photographers and models and locations I still haven't shot at and I'm dying to just do it all. And it would be great to be capable to hire someone to help me with all the work!
I: How do you believe Instagram has effected the success of your brand?
N: Since the shop was already born with social media, I really can't imagine that scenario! I guess without it would have been a slower process. In my opinion the best part of Instagram that it has democratized success in many ways, meaning that if you do a good job or have something to offer, sooner or later people will end up finding you and appreciating your work. Before social media getting people to know you used to mean (in most cases) having lots of money, contacts, luck... so I value a lot Instagram for the access that is has given me to get to show my work to people from all over, and the ability to find other people's work there which lead us to eventually joining forces together.
I: How would you describe the Los Féliz woman?
N: Definitely a conscious buyer, knows where her money goes to and values quality over quantity. She is fun and open minded while having a critical vision, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Cares about suitability, and when it comes to fashion in particular values a Vintage treasure more than anything new!
I: You say you have a “nolstalgia for the way clothes used to be made.” Who is your favorite designer and why? How have they influenced the formation of Los Feliz’ aesthetic?
N: I love the '90s! Specially Gaultier, Patrick Kelly and of course... the one and only Franco Moschino!! He's the designer that I have the most pieces from, and I never get tired of seeing his designs, which reflect his wittiness, humor and sarcasm. Some aspects that I wish would be seen more often in fashion.
I: How about influences outside of fashion? Any art or childhood memories that have carved a lasting impression into your aesthetic influences?
N: Definitely my stylish Grandma, with her big glasses and clip earrings. I remember being obsessed with her jewelry box! Besides that, Art expressed in many different ways that I could have been exposed to, specially photography and movies form the '70s. And of course, growing up in a place like Mallorca, all that Mediterranean culture and imaginary is always in my mind.
I: Does fashion have a political role? And in which way?
N: Yes, like it or not fashion is a statement in every way. So of course, this means also political. Also, fashion is a consumerist act and that has political consequences. If we support the fast fashion brands like Zara, forever 21, H&M we are supporting certain way of economy and social issues, and when we buy vintage or from local small shops we are also making a big political statement and defining the kind of "world" we want.
I: What do you want Los Feliz’s legacy to be?
N: A beautiful collective full of photography, memories and beautiful clothing. Los Féliz' motto is “the future is vintage” so the most important thing for me is that every piece that someone has bought has been a relief for the planet since it means something new that didn’t have to be made. And knowing that some of those special "rescued" garments may be one of some else's favorite pieces.
Barcelona, Venice, France