John Ellis, Alee Rose, Mike Matos, Chris Vongsawat, Nicholas Padula; these people in New York, they kinda adopted me (creatively of course). On my recent trip not only did they give me a place to stay, cook for me etc, they also let me into their world. They are talented, wonderful humans who deserve your time and consideration, but best of all, they are the great friends. They sit around having a drink inspiring each other, sharing musings and building each other up. They criticize the parts of the industry they don't like whilst always hustling to make sure their art and their vision can be seen to the world, however big or small that may be. And even though only two of the five folk are involved in this set in particular I'm sure no one will mind if I make this an ode to all of them.

Much love you guys.

P.s today you see Alee the model, tomorrow you get to see Alee the photographer. I told ya, talented people.

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"Every time we do this, I remember why"
"But every time I remember, it makes me walk away"
New York, USA
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