The sea is flecked with bars of grey, the dull dead wind is out of tune, and like a withered leaf, the moon, is blown across the stormy bay.

Etched clear upon the pallid sand lies the black boat: a sailor boy clambers aboard in careless joy with laughing face and gleaming hand.

And overhead the curlews cry, where through the dusky upland grass, the young brown-throated reapers pass, like silhouettes against the sky.

Poem // Oscar Wilde

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"The sea is flecked with bars of grey, the dull dead wind is out of tune, and like a withered leaf, the moon, is blown across the stormy bay."
"And overhead the curlews cry, where through the dusky upland grass, the young brown-throated reapers pass, like silhouettes against the sky."
Melbourne, Australia
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