"DOUBLE T(r)AP is a collection of photos that commentates on our generation’s over reliance on social media for gratification and approval; similarly, our proclivity for technological consumption. I wanted to use saturated colours to juxtapose the macabre imagery, to show how our generation is within a perineal juncture between ugliness and beauty: the facade of a perfect relationship and lifestyle, the masquerade of happiness to hide depression; the veil of beauty to hide self hatred. The plastic and flashy visage of so called perfection, could easily be a cry for help. Technology with the purpose of bridging the gap between us has created a divide more prevalent than ever, ushering in an age of falseness."

Words // Sebastian Xavier

Models // Charlotte Rose, Jess John, Desislava Bogdanova, Shea Blake, Holly Horne, Kaya Azalea, Sabreena Diamond, Camille Astrid, Pippa Melody, Emily O Donnell, Polly Ellens, Kyd Nereida & Kyara Simone

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