This is a preview story of the artwork within our upcoming book, ISSUE 4, releasing this Spring. Allow us to present: CORNERED.

Ramario // "As black men we are raised to be strong and not show emotion but emotion, showing emotion & being emotional is natural for every human. Being raised this way also plays a huge part on our mental health & general well being because if we do show emotion it’s deemed as being weak but it’s not weak it’s actually strong, it takes a strong man to open up about all his fears & insecurities without having to worry about the judgement of others.......being able to be comforted by another man especially another black man shouldn’t be looked upon as being weak, weird or gay , everyone deserves to show their emotions and have a shoulder to cry on without people questioning anything especially in terms of sexual orientation."

Naim // "Cornered" a piece shot in the tightest spot; a corner to be precise.A true mirror of the small space we as males (especially black), allow ourselves when emotions are involved. From my perspective this piece blurs the boundary between vulnerability and strength. Our skin is exposed leaving us truly vulnerable.Yet, with a friendly embrace, vulnerability is protected and understood. They are the shoulder to cry on but also the eyes to your blindspot."

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New Art Exchange, Nottingham