Bringing stirring work from the west coast to our humble pages, Charis Kirchheimer delivers a story that we adore. I won't sugar coat it, or blow smoke up her bottom, it's just all kinds of dope. One of those sets you open in your email and you just sit back nodding. Fair play all involved, stunning.

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You don't know what you've got. It's a gift from the gods. Or her parents, same thing I guess. I mean have you seen her mom?! Just be careful though, her light is much, much brighter than yours, her spark. Don't be outshone.
Perhaps you have no choice. Either way we're doomed. Whether through happiness or shame. I've gotten to the stage that I'm not fussed which one. Maybe we should just enjoy the ride. Look up, the clouds are coming.
"It starts with a clap, then a look in her eye"
A Friend
"It starts with a clap, then a look in her eye. That dress she was wearing. It was always unfair. It was always never a fight. She glides rather than walks, hell I swear she went all biblical on me and walked across the bay.
But in truth, in all actuality, I didn't care. My jealousy isn't what it seems. My stares aren't quite how they deserve to be portrayed. As with all cliched stories, the overriding theme is constant. It's thunder inducing, it's love"
San Diego, USA