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May we present our first travel spotlight: APRES.

Focusing on the little known resort of Sainte Foy in the Tarentaise Valley, we want to inspire you to try something different.

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“Go on, lose yourself”



Sainte Foy

Now this place holds the most special part of our hearts. It’s where we grew up. Nestled in the Tarentaise Valley deep in the French Alps it was a while ago just a tiny ski resort overlooked by many looking for the bigger ski resorts of Les Arcs and Val d’Sere. What Sainte Foy lacks in size however (it has grown but not massively) it makes up in one thing that can’t be replicated, charm.

It’s hard, almost indescribable to be honest. There’s something about a community existing only to ski and party, to relax, it’s unique. No this isn’t a beach, but you’re never cold. Log fires, beer jackets, or the exertion from dancing to the early morning hours, no, you’re rarely cold.

In short, it’s a place where it’s natural beauty is only matched by the people who live there and who visit.




The view, speed (not necessary), sense of accomplishment, pit stop lunches, adventure through the trees, that one look down, the view (it deserves a second mention). It’s really not a sport reserved for the social elite as was perhaps perceived a few decades back, the only thing stopping anyone doing it is deciding to swap a summer holiday for the winter one. Believe us, we get it, we love a tan as much as the next person but winter holidays are different and the whole package of a ski (or just alpine) holiday is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. 


Husband and wife team Peter and Rachael Duke, along with business partner Mark, are the faces behind our showcase, running the fabulous Venture Ski. Luxury is an often used word and comes coupled with a notion of almost snobbery, but this team puts the focus on the customer. They are relaxed, front of house, accommodating. They will be the first ones to share a beer with you but also the last ones to go to bed until you’re happy. It’s luxury in the sense that it’s more than you could ever have hoped. I guess the word is accessible. This is not “closed off” hotel management, these are good kind people, loving what they do and that is undoubtedly infectious toward their staff and all guests.


From December to April (dependent on snow conditions). Availability between these dates can be found here.


Prices range per room for 7 nights from £1700 to £2400, sleeping parties of between 1 to over 100.

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