COY: Beautiful shirts, awesome aesthetics, but firstly, #TheKrag. where did you come up with that name?

Freddie: Before we designed our clothes, we decided we will create a menswear and men’s lifestyle brand. It all came from the fascination of leadership. We thought of men who change the world, true leaders.  Then I thought about the logo – a lion, as the most powerful animal, leader/king of the jungle, seemed to be the best choice. Then I started thinking about the name. Lions are associated with Africa, that’s also where our human race comes from, that’s where the first human beings were born. And as you know we believe #TheKrag has been that instinct that makes certain individuals stand out, lead and inspire others. We believe it’s been there since the first man. Therefore I thought we need to look deeper into the Afrikaans language. Then I found the word ‘krag’ which means power, vigour, bravery, virtue. It combines so many characteristics that #TheMan of #TheKrag has.

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COY: Also may we just congratulate you on your most recent campaign. Rarely does such a new brand have such a style attributed to it. How did the shoot come about?

Freddie: Thank you. #TheLawOfTheRed has been our first ready to wear collection. First collection that we really wanted to get out in stores and major press telling the story of #TheKrag to a much wider audience. Therefore, it was crucial for us to make it really stand out, have a certain strong message to send across and just set the tone for what #TheKrag will present in future. Although we did not have a big budget for that we wanted to put as much effort, heart and dedication in as possible. Excuses can always be found. And of course, when you are a new brand on this competitive market, without a multimillion budget there can be a lot of reasons why one should not succeed. But who cares?

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COY: We really like that there’s a focus to the brand. Genuinely clear and concise. What have been the benefits focusing on the “male shirt” niche?

Freddie: The mission was to create a piece of clothing that is unique, yet with a rather powerful, not quirky, feeling. Again, the idea of the designs came from the belief and fascination for leaders. We wanted to design clothes that will speak their language, embrace their values and characteristics. Hence, the leather details showing power and confidence, highest quality, thick garments and an original, different cut which you will not find anywhere else. Every piece is meant to be a uniform of #TheMan of #TheKrag.

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